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7 Christmas gifts for nurses that will spread some festive cheer

7 Christmas gifts for nurses that will spread some festive cheer

Dec 1, 2020.

Christmas is just around the corner; and boy, a bit of festive cheer is just what we all need right now! 2020 has been one of the most challenging years of all our lives, but for our amazing healthcare heroes in particular, this festive break is the perfect time to reward them for their continued steadfast dedication with some brilliant Christmas gifts for nurses.

So, to help you find the perfect Christmas gift for a hardworking nurse, we’ve put together a list of fantastic gifts that nurses of all specialities will love!

1 – Stainless steel travel mug

If you didn’t already know, nurses play a critical role in every aspect of the NHS’ operations; making it one of the best healthcare systems in the world! As a result, they’re often constantly working with very little time for vital coffee or tea breaks!

A decent cup of tea or coffee however is often just what people need when they have a precious break; be it just to relax and unwind, or to get a much-needed energy boost. But if there’s one thing worse than not having a decent tea or coffee, is finding that your precious liquid has gone cold – not good!

A stainless steel travel mug that keeps hot drinks hot and cold ones, well, cold, can make all the difference for nurses working on busy shifts.  They can be filled with their hot or cold drink of choice, and they’ll remain at the perfect temperature for hours – perfect for nurses who may not get the time to take a proper break or have access to decent tea or coffee.

Know a nurse who relies on a morning cuppa to get them going? Then check out this travel mug which would make a cracking little Christmas gift!

2 – Mobile phone sanitiser

Did you know the average person will touch their mobile phone over 2,500 times a day? That’s a heck of a lot! Not to mentioned taking them on walks, to the supermarket, to the kitchen and, let’s be honest, even to the toilet… That means your unassuming mobile phone can become a breeding ground for some really nasty germs, so keeping it clean should be a priority – especially for nurses!

A mobile phone sanitiser makes an excellent Christmas gift for nurses because it can help prevent nasty bugs being transferred from place-to-place – keeping not just them safe, but also their friends, family and patients, too!

Know a nurse who’s constantly on her phone at every opportunity? This is the gift for them!

3 – A decent pair of comfortable trainers

Being a nurse doesn’t involve sitting at a desk all day and will often involve having to contend with 12-hour hospital shifts that are spent on their feet. As a result, comfortable and durable footwear is essential!

A new pair of trainers makes a fantastic Christmas gift for a nurse because not only do they help remove a potential expense from their outgoings, but it can also help prevent a whole range of health issues that come from wearing worn-out or unsupportive shoes for long shifts; including achy foot archesjoint pains, and other uncomfortable physical problems.

Not sure what to get them? Here’s a handy list of top-rated shoes for nurses that should fit the bill. Alternatively, why not give them a retailer voucher so they can make their own choice?

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4 – The gift of time

If there’s one thing that nurses don’t have enough of, it’s time! Whilst a career in nursing is perhaps one of the most personally rewarding professions, it can sometimes be mentally and physically draining; so, giving the gift of time to relax, unwind and focus on their own self-care is one that would certainly be welcomed!

Of course, 2020 hasn’t exactly been the best year for making plans; with Covid 19 decimating many a social calendar and holiday preparations. However, with at least 3 vaccines due to come on stream towards the end of this year, the UK Government is confident that 2021 will be a time for optimism in returning to a ‘normal’ life. So, why not give a nurse you know something to look forward with an experience-based gift?

An annual cinema pass is one gift that would certainly keep a hard working nurse entertained during their free time. Alternatively, an experience day or weekend break would also give them the chance to relax, unwind and have something to look forward to!

5 – Books for nurses new to the profession

Deciding to become a nurse comes with a heavy weight of responsibility. Nurses who work for the NHS offer an exceptional level of patient care that goes simply beyond medical knowledge and practices; and, for those finding their feet as a healthcare professional, being prepared is essential!

If you know a nurse new to the profession who enjoys reading, First Year Nurse makes the perfect gift for a nursing student or new nurse; placing the wisdom and warnings of hundreds of experienced nurses right at their fingertips. More of a fiction fan? Then why not check out The Guardian’s top 10 books about nursing for some more ideas?

6 – Pens, pens, pens!

Yes, the humble pen may seem a little bit like an afterthought, but the pen is a nurse’s unsung hero!!

Pens are always disappearing when you need them most, and given that nurses are often taking notes and writing up reports and charts, they’re often a critical piece of equipment! By stocking giving the gift of a healthy supply of pens, you’re helping to ensure they’ll never need to rush around desperately searching for a pen when they need it most!

Not sure what pen might be suitable? Then check out this handy link!

7 – Helping them to relax at home

At the time of writing, the second UK national lockdown is in full force and, with strict tiered systems in place throughout December across the country, it looks like we’ll all be spending more time at home this Christmas and New Year. So, why not help make time at home for nurses as relaxing as possible?

Luckily, there are plenty of gifts you can give to a nurse that can help them relax, de-stress, unwind and focus on their own wellbeing whilst at home. A lavish soft blanket can make lounging on the sofa during down-time that little bit extra special, or how about some luxurious hand cream to restore moisture and prevent dry, cracked skin from having to use hand sanitiser all day?

Of course, blankets and hand cream is just the start – there are plenty of relaxation gifts you could choose from that would be perfect for a nurse looking to kick back and unwind over Christmas.

A final word from us

All of us here at ID Medical are incredibly grateful for the hard work and dedication each and every one of our fabulous nurses has shown over the past year. Whilst this Christmas may not like any we’ve experienced in our lifetimes, by sharing a little festive cheer with each other, we can all help look after our wellbeing and help make 2021 a year of positivity!

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