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A customised, interoperable workforce solution that makes the job of staffing NHS hospitals and private Healthcare Organisations safe, financially sustainable, and stress-free.

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By bringing together the leaders in workforce technology with the leaders in workforce supply, ID Workforce Solutions deliver a unified approach for public and private clients looking to save time and money through improved safety, cost and customer experience. The partnership of one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Locums, Allied Health Professionals and Nursing Clinicians with industry-leading technology offers a complete NHS temporary staffing solution; resulting in a reduction in spend, improved governance, compliance and control.

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E-Rostering and Job Planning

A local and multi-site, activity-based digital rostering solution that continually adapts and learns the tasks or activities that healthcare departments perform.

This cutting-edge technology allows the system to better understand the associated workforce requirements needed to satisfy them; making the automatic scheduling of staff intuitive and efficient – ensuring the right staff, with the right skills are available in the right place, at the right time.

Our incredibly simple to use job planning solutions meet the latest NSHI guidelines.

Staff & Collaborative Bank

Whether you want to establish a new bank or transform your existing one, our staff bank solutions deliver a best in class user experience, improve utilisation of existing pools, helping to reduce agency spend.

Our collaborative banks slot in with all existing up and downstream systems allowing Healthcare Organisations to cooperate and share resources without disrupting existing local bank solutions.

Agency Management & Direct Engagement

Healthcare Organisations are under continuous pressure to transform their temporary workforce services and reduce agency spend. Our agency solution has been specifically designed with Health and Social Care markets in mind to reduce costs and achieve better temporary workforce outcomes.

A little idea that saves a lot, our Direct Engagement solution supports clients in saving up to 21% on temporary staffing spend. With built-in invoicing and self-billing modules, clients have the opportunity to minimise costly billing processes and in addition to VAT savings, can expect a 2.5% reduction on spend thought greater visibility and controls.

Resource Planning Outsourcing

Our best in class recruitment process outsourcing solution (RPO) helps you source, screen, engage, hire and on-board the right talent, with the right skills at the right cost, for multiple clients, utilising multiple vendors.

With our RPO solutions, managing the entire end-to-end recruitment process becomes effortless and auditable – ensuring the hiring process runs smoothly all the way through.

Revalidation and Appraisals

Accessible anytime, anywhere, our Revalidation and Appraisal software is safe, secure and reliable.

Built in line with RST, GMC and Good Medical Practice Guidelines, it offers a best in class user experience to Appraises, Appraisers, Responsible Officers and Revalidation Staff managing the administrative process.

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    • Dr Semiu A Babayode

      Locum Consultant Psychiatrist, LCFT

      I know I have only been working for ID-Medical and known you for only two and half years but I want to use this opportunity to thank you for your steadfast and unprecedented commitment to my course. It’s a fact many would not admit to that the agency/contractor relationship is full of suspicion but it’s consoling for me personally to find someone I can trust like you. You have inspired me; helped me identify and tapped into my strengths which have helped progress my career within the short period of time I have known you. You have already formed part of my seamless memories which tell my story today, will do tomorrow and in years to come. Heart does not forget; I will forever be grateful to you for making a difference in my humble life as a professional.

    • Dr Arshad

      It has been pleasure to work continually with ID medical for last three years and I would like to appreciate your hard work, dedication, very friendly and personal service. I would like to mention that I never worked with any other agency since I started working with ID medical as you were always there to have a very personal and efficient way of dealing with the job requirements. I would like to mention that you have been at best possible standards to find the job which suited my personal circumstances and specialty requirements and which have helped me a lot during these years. I wish you good luck for your future career and hope that you will make a good progress in your career.

    • Synclare d’souza

      I have worked with Amie in ID medical as a locum doctor for more than 2 years. Amie is lovely and very supportive. I have never been disappointed working with ID medical. She has particularly been very helpful with any queries that I have. I would highly recommend working with Amie.

    • Loan-Mihai Draghita

      I had the opportunity to work with ID Medical this year. Even with the reduction of services in my specialty they were able to find an assignment according to my preference and in the area I wanted. Everything went smoothly every step of the way. There were no issues whatsoever. I was paid on time and I felt that ID Medical is looking after my best interest. I had a very fast reply to any query. Bret, my agency Consultant was fantastic and I was always confident that things get done. Edita was very supportive and helpful with my appraisal. I have nothing but praise for this agency and if you’re thinking of doing locum work I can’t recommend them enough.

    • Untitled Physician

      I am extremely impressed with ID Medical and have found them to be a reliable, professional and supportive locum agency. My recruitment consultant Lewis has been exceptional and constantly goes above and beyond what is required. He truly cares about the people he is helping and is always very polite and professional (something I felt lacked from other agencies). His dedication to his job and positive, friendly attitude is an asset to the company and I could not speak more highly of him. My file manager Christina has also been absolutely fantastic and deserves praise. Would highly recommend to any colleagues looking for locum work.

    • Robin Wang

      Many thanks to Dean for his clear communication and rapid responses. He has pushed hard to find me my ideal SHO role in my selected hospital. Much appreciated.

    • Marc Donnai

      I worked for 2 years as a consultant surgeon with Amie Consterdine Adams as my ID-Medical consultant. The locum work she organised was a great experience and she was tirelessly helpful, courteous and caring. Unfortunately the NHS trust insisted on ‘direct engagement’, but even then she tried to mitigate most of unpleasantness of that part of the experience. I will definitely work with ID-medical again when the occasion presents

    • Untitled Physician

      Locum Doctor, University Hospital of North Tees, UK

      For everyone who might want to work in UK, but don’t have an idea how to start, I would like to suggest that the simplest and best idea is to start with ID-Medical. It’s important, especially for the beginning, to have someone who will sort out your basic problems like accommodation, registration in offices, transport; the list is endless. They definitely fulfilled my expectation. They have helped me with paper work, applications and CV. They were always calling me. What is even more important I could call them with any problem that I had and they were always available. I didn’t have any work experience, I was fresh graduated doctor from Poland and I was offered a job very quickly. But the decision to work in UK demanded as well a lot of work and commitment from myself. I wouldn’t advise anybody to go to UK until you feel comfortable that this is a great investment for you. From my own experience I have to admit that ID-Medical is a great opportunity to start your career in UK with.

    • Untitled Physician

      SHO Paediatrics, Erne Hospital

      ID Medical and particularly Mr Coffill gave me a wonderful opportunity to work in one of the most developed health system in the world. Their struggle to find me the most suitable position and to provide me with the most pleasant work environment really deserves to be acknowledged.

    • Untitled Physician

      SHO Neurology. Chelsea & Westminster Hospital

      Service provided by ID Medical without doubt differs from those provided by other locum companies I have encountered. ID Medical is more oriented on its partners. Also it is worth to note that in communication ID Medical has showed supremacy if compared to other companies. Furthermore I would like to stress that ID Medical for me as foreigner in UK has provided excellent service and assistance, even in simple problems that are not directly related to their job.

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