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What it means to be a Band 5 Nurse

Aug 2, 2021.
Qualified nurses are also known as Band 5 Nurses and in this blog, we’ll explore what that means and the opportunities available to you, as well as the opportunities that follow.
Band 5 Nurse – a definition

As a Band 5 nurse, you are able to work as a Primary or named Nurse within a multidisciplinary team in a hospital setting. With an overarching approach based on compassion, empathy, kindness, respect and dignity, your duties will include:

  • Collaborating with your team to develop needs based, and person centered care plans
  • Using assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation to deliver those plans
  • Adopting a caring, accessible approach to patients, families and carers, resulting in effective caring
  • Being aware of, and contributing to, set performance indicators, essential standards and quality outcomes
  • Supporting and contributing to, the education and development of students and your wider workforce team, including staff appraisals
  • Administering medication in a safe manner, in accordance to Trust policies and practice guidelines

As you develop these attributes, which provide you with the skills to confidently and competently do your job and provide the highest quality of care, you’ll be able to progress within your chosen ward, gaining the vital experience you need to move up within your Banding.

Your earnings as a Band 5 Nurse

Nurse Bandings are not just about your level of experience and qualifications, they tie in with the different levels of pay on offer. As a newly qualified Nurse, you will automatically start at the bottom of Band 5; the current starting salary (in 2021) for a newly qualified Band 5 Nurse is £24,907 and, once you have gained 2-4 years’ experience – and provided you keep up with your relevant training – you will earn £26,970. At the very top of Band 5, you will earn £30,615.  It is worth noting though that once you are at the top of your Banding, you will only receive annual government increases and to earn more, you will need to look at the next Band up, which will also involve gaining more experience and qualifications. For example, if you wanted to move to Band 6, this would mean progressing to being a Nursing specialist or Senior Nurse. The good news? Your Trust should be able to provide the funding and support you need to do this.

Source: Nurses NHS Pay Bands in 2021

Finding work as a Band 5 Nurse

There are many ways to find work as a Band 5 Nurse, including applying direct with a hospital Trust and searching job boards or you could contact a recruitment agency specialising in helping healthcare professionals find their ideal role. The main advantages of finding work through a healthcare recruitment agency is that they’ll do all the hard work for you, including compliance, as well as having access to a wide range of shifts in different locations, and, at the best rates of pay.

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