If you would like to provide your services through a limited company, we should advise you that many NHS trusts will no longer accept workers via PSCs following changes in recent years to the IR35 regulations. For those trusts that do accept workers via limited companies, unless your role is deemed by them to be outside of IR35, then PAYE tax, Employee’s National Insurance and Employer’s National Insurance must be accounted for prior to making a net payment to your limited company.

Similar rules to those introduced for public sector clients in 2017 were rolled out in April 2021 to private sector clients and we anticipate that again, many of these clients will cease to accept workers offering their services via limited companies.  Please click here for further information regarding IR35.



Please contact your Recruitment Consultant to set up payment via a limited company. We’ll need a few documents to get started, including your company’s bank details and Certificate of Incorporation. If you want to simplify your payment process even further, we also offer self-billing arrangements.