GMC Revalidation

What Doctors say about our Revalidation support:

“I was treated with grace and dignity. My appraiser, Dr. F.F is a wonderful person. He was very kind and considerate. My interview with him went on well indeed. The venue was appropriate and organised well. Thank you very much for everything.” Dr. R.M.

“This was excellent. The venue was easy to find, the staff polite, and the appraisal took place in a comfortable room. I was made to feel at ease. The appraiser was pleasant, knowledgeable and thorough, gave good advice and guided me through the process.” Dr A.F.

“Honestly wonderful. Helped me to complete on line requirements, and reviewed the data I had put onto the system. I had not been through this process before and was unsure what was needed, so this made me feel very reassured that I was prepared on the day of my Revalidation. Easy to contact, prioritized my concerns so that they were addressed quickly to avoid stress/concern.” J.T.

What is Revalidation?

Revalidation is the process for Doctors to positively affirm to the General Medical Council (GMC) that they are up to date and fit to practice. It applies to all licensed Doctors in the UK working in the NHS and the private sector and all branches of practice. Doctors need to meet the standards set by the GMC, taking into account guidance for their specialty, to maintain their licence to practice.

The GMC requires you to:

  • Connect with your Designated Body
  • Ensure you are appraised annually
  • Collect colleague and patient feedback once per Revalidation cycle
  • Revalidate once every 5 years

For further information, please visit the GMC Revalidation Page

Designated Body

Your Designated Body should be the agency, organisation or the trust that you have worked with the most within the last 12 months or are currently employed full time with.

If you work in more than one organisation, you may find helpful to:

  • Make a list of the organisations that you’ve worked for during the last 12 months
  • Consider the amount of time and clinical practice you do at each of your work places
  • Consider the basis on which you are employed e.g. whether you are employed, hold practicing privileges or have another type of contract
  • Speak to these organisations if you do not know your employment status
  • List any membership organisations you are registered with

Only UK organisations can be a designated body. If you are working overseas or not carrying out medical practice please contact the GMC or click here to find your appropriate connection.

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