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ID Medical Feature in the Recruitment International Top 500!

Aug 14, 2015.

ID Medical, the UK’s leading multi-discipline medical recruiter supplying doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and clerical staff to over 90% of NHS hospitals in the UK, is proud to enter into the Recruitment International Top 500 report at position 42.

This year has seen ID Medical increase its already strong position, despite the report doubling in companies since it was last published, ascending 15 positions, from 57th last year to 42nd in 2015. Even more, ID Medical has gained further recognition by being listed in the Top 20 of the Recruitment International Top 500 in the following sectors:

  • Top 20 Healthcare
  • Top 20 Executive
  • Top 20 By own staff
  • Top 20 Independents

ID Medical’s managing director, Deenu Patel, reflects on the company’s success, “Year-on-year the growth we achieved in all areas of the company continues to confirm that we continue to deliver to our valued clients’ expectations and beyond as we are invited to lead many SLA projects for the NHS where staffing is concerned.
“In view of this success, ID Medical’s mass is again set to double this year in terms of number of employees required to expertly administer our clients’ needs by hours supplied and shifts delivered, to our ever professional candidate pool of doctors, nurses, AHP/HSS and clerical staff. Ambition is a characteristic evident through ID Medical’s workforce, its ethos and robust processes which are pivotal to our success and ensures ID Medical remains best-in-class.
Though we have an amounting number of awards and accolades it is the workforce’s pride that never lessens through continual recognition; if anything it’s even more rewarding to be recognised in such a competitive market. Recruitment International’s Top 500 report is a definitive guide so it’s fantastic to see that through our deeply engrained client knowledge and empathy, solidified with our delivery of proven cost saving exercises to the NHS, a position so rewarding as 42 in the Recruitment International Top 500 is testament that ID Medical is on course to remain top in its field.”

ID Medical works with 90% of NHS trusts, helping both domestic and international doctors and nurses secure their dream NHS post.

Got a question about working for our amazing National Health Service? Or are you a domestic or international doctor or nurse who’s looking to join the NHS and would like our support with securing NHS interviews? We can support with:


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