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Essential questions to ask at the end of an NHS interview

Essential questions to ask at the end of an NHS interview

Aug 14, 2020.

Your ability to successfully secure an NHS job and pass your NHS interview is all down to your approach and preparation. When the time comes to ask your own questions in an interview, it gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your professionalism, thoughtfulness and commitment.

However, for some they don’t ask any questions or worse, the wrong ones! In our experience, this is one of the most common mistakes people make during an interview, and it can simply due to lack of preparation or stress – so, in this blog post we are going to give you everything you need to successfully prepare your NHS interview, and give you some suggestions for questions to ask.

The Value of Asking the Interview Panel Questions

Interviews are a conversation, a two-way process and so, when it comes to your turn to ask the interview panel questions it’s absolutely essential that you seize the opportunity to not only demonstrate your enthusiasm for the role but to find out whether this is the right department for you.

So, you’ve made it to the end of the interview and they ask…

Do you have any questions for us?

By already successfully preparing for possibly one of the most daunting questions, it not only shows you’re highly enthusiastic and keen to take the role, but it will also allow you to demonstrate your strengths and experiences that maybe where not already highlighted in the interview itself.

Here are some questions to inspire your own brainstorming session….

  • What are your expectations for this role during the first 30, 60 and 90 days?
  • Can you describe the culture of the department?
  • What changes/differences would you like to see in the department in the next 5 years?
  • What are the biggest opportunities facing the department right now?
  • What are the biggest challenges in the department right now?
  • What’s your favourite thing about working in this department/trust?
  • Are there progression opportunities available in the department?
  • Can you tell me more about the team I will be working with?
  • Do you have any hesitations about my skills or experience?
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NHS Interview Questions to Avoid

We understand that when it comes to asking questions, the list may be endless. From… “Where is the best place to buy lunch from? Or “Is there room for salary negotiation?” However, our rule is: Never ask any question you should already know the answer to.

It’s essential that you do ALL of your research before going into an interview and by asking about pay and benefits at this stage shows you’re not interviewing for the right intention.

That being said, it’s essential that you don’t bombard the interviewer with an endless list of questions. If the interview panel seems engaged in the conversation and encourages you to keep asking then that is fantastic, but if you find they’re not engaged and you’re asking questions for the sake of just asking then stop right there! Always pick your top two/three questions and leave the interview on a positive note.

A Final Word

Before you bring the interview to a close, it’s essential to remember to leave a final statement reminding them of your key skills, experience and qualifications and most importantly, your passion for the role and desire to provide change.

The NHS is designed around providing the highest-quality care with patients being at the centre of everything they do. So, demonstrate this with your body language, your spoken language and some anecdotes to demonstrate your ask! If you’re interested in reading our guide on how to successfully prepare for an NHS interview, please click here.

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