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How to Find Part-Time Nursing Jobs in the UK

Jul 23, 2019.

Part-time nursing jobs can be one of the most rewarding careers in medicine. Not only do you get to work directly with patients and make an impact to people’s lives, but with part-time hours you will also enjoy a bit more flexibility throughout the week.

For working parents, people with additional responsibilities (such as caring for a family member), or those juggling multiple jobs, this is a great way of fulfilling a dream of being a nurse without giving up other important things.

Working shift patterns can fit in with your lifestyle, and there are many opportunities ranging from hospitals and primary care units to care facilities and home healthcare. If you’re a registered nurse looking for temporary or part-time nursing jobs, read on to find out how you can search for the best opportunities in your area.

Types of part-time nursing jobs

When it comes to finding the highest paid nursing positions, or jobs with all the right benefits, it’s important to consider the different types of nursing and part-time roles out there. Each one has its pros and cons, so it’s important to find the right one to suit your lifestyle and salary needs.

  • Part-time hours 

Permanent nursing part-time jobs are suited to nurses who want the same benefits and opportunities for progression as full-time staff, but with reduced hours. Having a permanent contract doesn’t pay as well as temp work, but it provides the safety net of guaranteed hours and a clear routine to stick to. For parents who need to juggle childcare and school runs, this type of work is ideal.

  • Remote nursing 

Home healthcare is one of the most varied nursing roles out there. You will get to provide multidimensional care to patients of all ages in the hours that work for you. For nurses who enjoy interacting with people and building meaningful relationships with their patients, this is an ideal job. Being mobile and on-the-go, away from the hospital setting is also very refreshing and can reduce work-related stress. As long as you have a car and at least two years experience in a medical setting, remote nursing roles are open to you. Nurses who have worked in critical care are particularly well-suited to home healthcare due to their broad range of skills.

  • Temp nursing 

Temp or locum nurses have the biggest opportunity for earning a higher annual salary, as hourly rates can be significantly higher compared to full-time nurses. A nurse practitioner can earn around £55 per hour in some parts of the UK, with even higher rates for bank holidays. There’s a lot of flexibility with freelance nursing, as you have the freedom to earn as much or as little as you need, supporting a more desirable work-life balance. But as a self-employed nurse, you will need to continually look for nursing shifts and you will be responsible for your own tax returns.

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Where to look for part-time nursing jobs

Whether you are looking for shifts in hospitals, primary care or remote home healthcare, finding part-time positions is easy. There are many places you can look for jobs, but the easiest way to search is online.

  • Search for jobs online

Apply for part-time / flexible working positions by searching on job boards. There are many different job sites that advertise for part-time nursing shift workers. At ID Medical, we feature nursing roles for all contract types, from Band 1 to 9, and in all nursing specialisms. Whether you’re a critical care nurse, theatre nurse, or in paediatrics, there are part-time positions available nationwide.

  • Work for an agency

One of the easiest ways to ensure that you have a continuous flow of work coming through is to find work via a recruitment agency like ourselves. Agency nurses have access to job boards, instant alerts, revalidation support and even a chance for career progression in some cases. All hourly rates/salaries are negotiated on your behalf, and you will have one easy point of contact each time.

Many part-time nurses are able to earn better salaries and enjoy a better work-life balance than full-time NHS nurses. Another benefit is getting the chance to experience working in different environments, which helps you improve your teamwork and collaboration abilities, and adds a lot of attractive skills to your CV.

If you would like to find a part-time or temp nursing role in your area, use our job search now.

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