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3 key reasons why the NHS will need to rely on outsourcing post-Covid 19

Aug 12, 2020.

Outsourcing in general is a controversial topic and that’s without adding healthcare into the mix… That being said, outsourcing is incredibly important for every large scale organisation – and this is especially true for the NHS in a post-Covid 19 world and we are going to tell you the three reasons why.

With the NHS being one of the best healthcare systems in the world, at its’ forefront is exceptional patient care and safety. However, in a climate where there is a global pandemic, with 10,000 doctor vacancies and over 10 million patients on waiting lists – on top of a lack of resources and manpower – how can we ensure all patients are seen safely and efficiently?

Increased Availability of Skilled Professionals

Every single NHS trust is responsible for absolutely everything from providing high-quality patient care, efficient spending, hospital development, the improvement of services, training university medics, providing community services, marketing the hospital, recruiting healthcare professionals to ultimately running a regional or national centre for more specialised care.

So where does this leave time to focus on providing elective care?

Arguably, one of the biggest advantages of outsourcing is the large availability of skilled healthcare professionals who have tremendous amount of expertise and experience in carrying out specific tasks and are hugely experienced in taking up clinics of any complexity and size at short notice.

If you do decide outsourcing is your solution on your Road to Recovery, you have the power to choose skilled healthcare professionals with specific sub-specialty experience and Royal College Qualifications – this means that your patients are guaranteed to receive the highest-quality care in the best possible manner without any administrative duties or hassle. By saving your highly talented medical professionals from having to file paperwork or take time out to interview – your 10 million patient waiting lists will reduce significantly in a matter of weeks.

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A Greater Focus on Patient Care

All organisations will have flaws and require areas of improvement, however, when it becomes the case that NHS departments have limited resources: including both tangible and impalpable – this becomes a severe issue.

Outsourcing allows all lead consultants and senior managers to shift their focus from peripheral activities towards patient-centred care and help trust managers set their priorities more clearly. When you outsource, you limit any distractions to simply allow all individuals to focus on the duties and responsibilities they were hired for and most importantly, their core competencies.

Not only can you focus on other tasks but you’re guaranteed that your patients will receive high-quality care and whilst reducing your patient waiting lists, the standards of your healthcare will improve, leaving you with increased positive experiences.

Minimum Errors and Risks

During Covid 19, all NHS healthcare professionals showed the country bravery and resilience in a time of fear and anxiety. Naturally, in a post Covid 19-world, most healthcare professionals will need to take time out to work on their physical and mental health. The NHS owes it to its’ outstanding workforce to give them time to rest, recuperate and recover… So, why not choose to outsource to ensure your clinics can still successfully run and your targets are achieved.

With more patients waiting to be seen, this is going to increase the already huge amount of pressure on NHS healthcare professionals which in turn, will increase the risk of patient safety – which is of course, is at the forefront of the NHS. The right outsourcing partner will be able to offer you innovative technology with clinical governance and regulations, meaning you can simply hand the clinic over without any stress from your side.

A Final Word

In such a desperate and crucial time in NHS history, we urge your NHS trust to take advantage of your third-party companies and their technology so; you can see how it can significantly benefit both your employees and patients.

You can then spend this time enhancing your clinician-patient relationships, instead of the typical paperwork. By eliminating the factors that hinder your ability to perform medical duties and provide essential care – outsourcing may be your answer.

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