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Online Medical English Courses: Our New Partnership with SLC

Mar 16, 2015.

Specialist Language Courses (SLC) is thrilled to announce a partnership with ID Medical, the UK’s leading multi-discipline Healthcare recruiter to offer its online Medical English courses to international healthcare professionals.


SLC’s online Medical English courses will integrate into the ID Medical School training portfolio, alongside courses offered by Royal Society of Medicine, the British Medical Association, Oxford Medical and Informed Training and Research among others.

SLC’s first course, ‘Online English for Nurses: Getting the Essentials Right’ is now live and available through the ID Medical School. The course consists of 100 hours of highly focused content, targeting common interactions with patients and healthcare professionals in essential areas of care. The course is CPD-accredited, with 80 CPD hours awarded on its successful completion. Courses for international HCAs, carers and doctors will be released in the near future.

Chris Moore, SLC Managing Director, said, ‘The Online Medical English Courses are designed to make a real difference to the language and communication skills of overseas nurses coming to work in the UK. We are delighted to form a partnership with such a successful, forward-looking healthcare recruitment company as ID Medical, and look forward to working with their international candidates for years to come.’

Caryn Cooper, Head of Marketing and ID Medical School, stated, ‘The SLC Online Medical English Courses for Nurses course is perfect for both our candidate nurses and for our client Trusts. It reassures them that our international nurses are fully prepared to meet the language standard required when they relocate to the UK. The fact that the course is CPD-accredited demonstrates its quality and integrity and will be a requisite for nurses when Revalidation comes into force later this year. It makes a great fit with the suite of professional courses we offer at the ID Medical School’.



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