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A Leading NHS Recruiter: We Are ID Medical

Apr 14, 2020.

Who are we? To put it simply, we’re a leading NHS recruiter and strengthen the NHS’ workforce by providing high-quality doctors, nurses and allied healthcare professionals to the UK’s public healthcare system.

ID Medical was established in 2002 and we are proud to say that we work with over 90% of NHS trusts alongside an array of private medical organisations. Our approach to medical recruitment is three-fold: the possession of exceptional knowledge, our professional communication skills and our ability to create life-long partnerships.

1. Exceptional Knowledge

At ID Medical, staffing is our specialty. We’re committed to providing the best doctors and nurses alongside the best service within the industry. Our mantra ‘the best solutions are built on shared experience’, means that in order to successfully help NHS hospitals secure the highest-quality doctors and nurses we pride ourselves on possessing unchallenged knowledge.
Our expertise as a dedicated NHS recruiter aids us in providing essential insights and valuable advice to both our doctors and hospitals regarding the entire recruitment process. Advantageously, this allows us to develop personal relationships with every person that we work with to ensure their goals, needs and aspirations are achieved.
That is why, each and every day our Recruitment Consultants up-skill their knowledge of their specialty by taking an hour to read the latest specialty updates, industry news and to research into the most demanding vacant roles. By doing so, we ensure that you are perfectly matched with the best job role, the highest salary and the largest relocation package.
To us, knowledge is only valuable if you share it, so we ensure that we are responsible for sharing all industry updates in the form of blog posts, informational graphics and videos on our social media platforms. By sharing these updates, we’re able to help all medical professionals who plan to relocate to the UK and join the NHS stay up to date and participate in relevant discussions.
As a leading NHS recruiter, we also provide any hints and tips to make the process that little bit easier, regardless of whether they are using the ID Medical team to facilitate their move, working towards the goal of solving the NHS’ staffing shortage.

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2. Communication

ID Medical has a pledge to attract the best talent and one of our core values is to build the best relationships with our medical professionals. Therefore, from the very beginning we provide exceptional lines of communication.
Resultant of social media, we are privileged to constantly stay in touch with our network. From the outset, you will be able to like, follow and subscribe to us on all relevant social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. By doing so, you will be able to keep up to date with our new NHS job opportunities, news updates, registration process changes, competitions and most importantly, you will join the ID Medical community where you will receive endless support, advice and guidance on your journey to the UK. Any query, no matter how big or how small – we will be there to show you the way.
If you are now eligible for GMC Registration – a very big congratulations to you all from the ID Medical team. This is the most exciting part of your journey, what hospital will you join? What grade will you work at? What area of the UK will you live in? These are all very exciting questions, but the process of applying for an NHS job can also feel stressful. So, this is where ID Medical can step in and take the pressure off, helping you to secure that perfect role. All you need to do is send us your CV via our registration portal.
Your experience with us will start with a telephone call with one of our specialised Recruitment Consultants, where you will have the opportunity to discuss your career history, your qualifications and your career plans and goals. The conversation will then move on to find out about your specific requirements for your prospective NHS post, your family’s needs and if you have any preferences on your UK location. After speaking with you, we will perform our analysis against the opportunities available within the NHS and begin to contact the NHS on your behalf to set up interviews.
During the job search process, we pledge to keep you up to date at every point. So, you will know where you are with your very exciting relocation journey, whether that is securing an interview or waiting to receive an offer letter. Of course, you can always contact us no matter how small or big the query is as you will be issued with your Recruitment Consultant’s personal mobile number – allowing you to always stay connected.

3. Creating life-long partnerships

Time and time again, the NHS has ranked the number one healthcare system in the entire world. The UK’s health service is praised for its safety, affordability and efficiency. Nonetheless, it is also a system that is severely understaffed. So, the third element to ID Medical is our ethic of always building partnerships for the future.
When we begin working with our medical professionals a collaboration will be formed from the outset. A mutual understanding will be formed in supplement to a desire to meet the same goals in an open and honest manner, supporting their ambition for change.
Our pledge to our medical professionals is to create meaningful partnerships that will form the foundation to their success. Once they have successfully secured an NHS job our work will not stop there. Our team will provide continuous support through the entire relocation process, from Tier 2 visa application support, organising airport transfers to providing help with securing the perfect accommodation for their entire family.
Once our medical professional has then settled into their new job and life in the UK, ID Medical will always be a telephone call away. If the time comes where they need advice and support, personal or professional – we will be there to provide it. By delivering a personal service to our doctors and nurses we are not only able to assist them but also continuously grow the NHS workforce through our knowledge, communication and commitment.

A Last Word

Over the last eighteen years, ID Medical has helped thousands of doctors and nurses reach the UK and join the NHS. Through our innovation and dedication, we pride ourselves on our service providing nothing but excellence – after all, we’re now recognised as one of the biggest and best NHS recruiters in the country!
Testament to our hard work and dedication of our people, we have won multiple awards to recognise our achievements including ‘Growth Company of the Year’ and Platinum Status for our ‘Standards of Patient Safety’.

ID Medical works with 90% of NHS trusts, helping both domestic and international doctors and nurses secure their dream NHS post.

Got a question about working for our amazing National Health Service? Or are you a domestic or international doctor or nurse who’s looking to join the NHS and would like our support with securing NHS interviews? We can support with:

  • Securing an NHS post
  • Tier 2 Visa Application
  • Securing UK accommodation
  • Finding schools for children
  • Settling into the UK
  • Ongoing pastoral support