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ID Medical School Now Offer Cutting-Edge Language Courses

Feb 17, 2015.

SLC’s accredited online language courses are now offered at an exclusive discounted rate to ID Medical’s registered international nurses!


SLC’s 100-hour CPD accredited online course ‘Online English for Nurses: Getting the Essentials Right’ is offered at an exclusive discounted rate to ID Medical’s registered international nurses (with courses dedicated to HCAs from March and doctors from July 2015), and is written by English language professionals in conjunction with practising medical professionals.

Chris Moore, managing director of SLC commented, “Communicating accurately and effectively in consultations and every day interactions is critical to the safety, care and wellbeing of patients. We must be acutely aware that the way patients perceive information being communicated by the healthcare professional can often have a detrimental effect, as found in a recent study by the University of Exeter Medical School.

The practical online language courses available through ID Medical School will certainly make a massive difference to the quality of a healthcare professional’s work, and ultimately a big improvement in real areas of patient care.”

Caryn Cooper, head of ID Medical School added, “Communication with patients is a prominent theme within the healthcare industry of late. This month saw the major launch of the #hellomynameis campaign founded by Doctor and terminally ill cancer patient Kate Granger, who made the stark observation as an in-patient that many NHS staff did not introduce themselves before delivering care.

ID Medical supports this campaign and recognises the increasing requirement from its NHS client trusts for effective communication to be integrated into training, which is why we are delighted to include SLC in our strategic partnerships programme, to add further value to our medical education and client services offerings, always intending to create better working relationships and consequently better patient outcomes.”



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