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ID Medical School Launches to Help NHS

Jul 10, 2014.

ID Medical Group, the UK’s leading multi-discipline healthcare recruiter is pleased to announce the launch of its educational and medical training facility ID Medical School, which aims to enrich the careers of healthcare professionals whilst helping to alleviate increasing staffing pressures in the NHS.


ID Medical School presents many educational strands to its registered doctors, nurses and allied health professionals, whilst advocating the best career development for all healthcare staff, including the next generation through their final years as medical students and beyond. The educational brand will also supplement the consultancy’s repertoire of recruitment services.


The Royal Society of Medicine membership

The initial constituent to ID Medical School is the recruiter’s exclusive partnership with The Royal Society of Medicine whereby candidates’ continued professional development is supported through a one month free trial membership and ongoing joining offer thereafter – available only through ID Medical.


Free MedicalEnglish24 courses enabling international ID Medical candidates to become medical English fluent

As a result of an unremitting shortage of trained medical personnel in the UK, ID Medical’s International division faces unprecedented demand for international healthcare professionals meaning its support to this staffing group is extended via ID Medical School; ensuring international staff meet the required medical English language standards to work in the NHS.

From 18 June 2014, GMC introduced a new minimum score of 7.5 for the International English Testing System, ensuring all doctors are aware of their explicit duty to have the necessary standard of English language to communicate effectively with patients. Responding to this, ID Medical School launched its medical English course offering, exclusively discounted via its online partner. The course helps its registered international candidates, who make up 80% of ID Medical’s candidate base, study towards the recognised English language examination grades.


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Clinical Skills Workshops

The next phase of ID Medical School is tailored to a further audience – medical students. Extending its supporting hand further to the next generation of healthcare professionals, ID Medical School has partnered with WatMed educational and Prepare4FY1, founded by Dr Kishan Rees – Clinical Teaching Fellow and one of ID Medical’s valued locum doctors.

Through this unique partnership, a series of Clinical Skills Workshops will be delivered by Dr Rees, the first of which will take place on 10 August 2014 at ID Medical’s headquarters in Milton Keynes, bringing together medical students and foundation year (FY1) doctors. The workshop, which focuses on up skilling by revisiting and refreshing key clinical skills, will lay the foundations for good, safe practice whilst promoting the alternative career pathways and options students can take on graduating, at the same time, improving links between hospitals and medical schools.

Commenting on his workshop delivery, Dr Kishan Rees said, “It is often publicised that newly qualified healthcare professionals can sometimes lack the necessary skills and ‘real-life’ experience to deal with complex circumstances. The series of workshops delivered in collaboration with ID Medical will ensure junior staff are readily equipped to practice safely and to make crucial decisions within a rapidly-changing NHS workforce, for continued high quality patient care and safety.

Having experienced it first-hand, I know junior doctors are under enormous pressure through the transition from student to professional, and they need the support to adapt to the working NHS environment. After all, this is not the traditional university to working life shift; doctors have the lives of patients in their hands.”

Caryn Cooper, ID Medical’s head of marketing and who established ID Medical School comments, “Kishan is one of ID Medical’s most valued doctors and we are thrilled to be working with WatMed educational to provide a high quality learning environment for doctors in training – the next generation of NHS professionals.

“When we initially met, we struck up an immediate rapport, having both understood the urgent requirement for academia support to ease entry for medical students into the NHS.

“With his credentials as a Clinical Teaching Fellow and his far-reaching experiences, both as a student and doctor, Kishan will provide true insight and equip young doctors with the tools and skills they need to provide safe, high quality patient care from their first day in situ as a doctor.

“Though doctors, nurses and allied health professionals working with ID Medical must be qualified, compliant and experienced, we have pledged to support medical students, ensuring they not only gain the appropriate knowledge and skills required to enter the workplace, but also adopt the professional values for working in the NHS. Our collaboration further reinforces ID Medical’s commitment to NHS workforce forward planning.”

Medical students, FY1 doctors and ID Medical candidates: Register Your Interest in Attending Our Clinical Skills Workshops at the ID Medical School by Hitting the Link Below!

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