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Practice Makes Perfect at the ID Medical School

Oct 15, 2014.

‘Practice makes perfect’ for doctors, nurses and AHPs at ID Medical School


If you haven’t already heard, ID Medical School is available to all of our candidates and brings a wealth of benefits such as a free trial and discounted membership with The Royal Society of Medicine, refundable online English courses for medical professionals and free Clinical Skills Workshops.

The latter element, in collaboration with Clinical Teaching Fellow, Dr Kishan Rees has been a roaring success to date. These interactive Clinical Skills Workshops are designed to provide healthcare professionals with the underpinning concepts to expand their knowledge and clinical skills in the healthcare setting.

With this newfound insight, healthcare professionals can sharpen their skills and effectively put theory into practice to deliver above and beyond care to their patients.

Learning outcomes

• Gain insight into the medico-legal aspects of life as an FY1 / junior healthcare professional
• Refresh Basic Life Support (including PLS) and achieve 2 CPD points as a result
• Demonstrate safe venepuncture, arterial blood gas, catherisation and cannulation practice
• Engage in open discussions and Q&As with Dr Kishan Rees and special guests
• …and much, much more!

Don’t just take our word for it…

“I have found this workshop to be very educational.”

“I found the workshop very informative and pitched at the right level. I was welcomed on arrival and made to feel comfortable. The teaching material and subject matter was very good, as was the interaction.”

“A highly recommended course – very interesting and informative with great practical technique skills.”

Take a look at the photos from our Clinical Skills Workshop held on 10th August and 7th September 2014 here!



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