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ID Medical School Delivers First Interactive Ultrasound Course

Apr 18, 2016.

Friday 15th April saw an industry first as ID Medical School, along with MedInFocus medical faculty, delivered a full day of Ultrasound Level 1 and ECHO lecture and practice at the company’s headquarters in Milton Keynes to further support the personal development of its candidate healthcare professionals.

The seven point CPD accredited course covered topics such as FAST scans, vascular access, Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm, ECHO in life support and thoracic ultrasound. With a generous donation of equipment from the world leader and innovator in high technology, Toshiba Medical Systems, delegates were given the opportunity to practice their skills on live patients using Xario 100 & 200 ultrasound scanners.
Ultrasound technology is used in various ways, in addition to its most widely known use of collecting information about a foetus during pregnancy. Depending on the dosage and frequency used, ultrasound can be used to treat life-changing diseases such as tumours, cancer treatments and improve overall health by treating cataracts and administering physiotherapy.
Caryn Cooper, head of ID Medical School commented on the launch of the new course, “ID Medical School’s first Ultrasound and ECHO course couldn’t have been a bigger success! I recognised the widespread use of Ultrasound within the healthcare industry, immediately understanding the requirement for academia support and the benefits it would bring to not only Sonographers and other allied health professionals, but to doctors and nurses in the specialism too.
“I’ve been working with MedInFocus for a few months towards the same aim of providing healthcare professionals with high end training at low value cost, enhancing their skills to provide safe, high quality patient care. ID Medical School is able to deliver this interactive and practical course via its experienced medical faculty. A special thank you goes to Iain Dunn at Toshiba Medical Systems who sponsored the event in the supply of three ultrasound machines.
“ID Medical School continuously expands its portfolio with discounted CPD point accredited courses which directly bring a positive impact to all healthcare professionals (doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and primary care staff), further reinforcing ID Medical’s commitment to NHS workforce forward planning.”


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