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The Role of the Allied Health and Health Science Professions in Healthcare

Mar 17, 2016.

Regardless of the setting or type of care you may approach, in modern healthcare one of the first people you meet as a patient is from the allied health or health science professions.

Though some say it is often overlooked, the allied health and health science professions play a key role in inspiring individuals to take a preventative approach to long-term health, proving to be an extremely rewarding career path to take.
From 11th to 20th March, ID Medical, the UK’s leading medical recruiter, is joining the nation in celebrating Healthcare Science Week, a yearly opportunity to educate and excite people about the work of the healthcare science community and the vital role they play in patient care and treatment.
ID Medical’s AHP/HSS division values its allied health professional candidates and takes time in truly understanding their role. Making up 6% of the NHS workforce, the third largest professional group with over twelve diverse professions listed under one umbrella, AHPs are on the path of leading and shaping new models of care. Input from skilled AHPs is absolutely necessary to support new government policies put in place for service transformation. With a focus on preventing ill health and supporting healthier lives, AHPs will play an important part in ensuring that services outside hospitals are more integrated and accessible.
In a bid to understand the slow rise of AHP numbers over the past decade, ID Medical asks healthcare professionals and members of health science professions to share their key challenges of being an agency worker on a regular basis to ensure they are continuously going above and beyond to support them in their career.
LocationWhen first starting as a locum, candidates are often concerned that they may not be able to find a job close to home. By holding preferred supplier contracts with over 90% of NHS Trusts nationwide, ID Medical’s AHP/HSS division has an abundance of jobs to offer candidates in the locations and hospitals of their choice.
Time With various compliance standards to abide to, it is often hard to juggle everything around and keep on top of all documents and training. Our nationwide Road Team service enables you to fast track your compliance and make finding your ideal work placement easy. One of our friendly specialists visits you wherever you are across the country to help you become fully compliant in no time, ready for your next placement.
PrioritiesAt ID Medical, you’re not only a partner in our business, but a friend. Our dedicated, specialty-based recruitment consultants work closely with you every day to understand your requirements. Whether it’s a personal or career issue – we’re here for you and will do our utmost to support you!
Personal developmentAs an agency worker, locums often worry they miss out on personal development opportunities they would receive working for the Trust directly. In 2014, ID Medical proved its commitment to its candidates’ personal development with the launch of ID Medical School, designed to provide healthcare professionals with discounted CPD accredited courses and workshops to enhance their medical careers.

Let ID Medical support you. We are currently seeking AHP/HSS professionals in the areas below:

  • Physiotherapist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Radiographer
  • Sonographer
  • Pharmacist

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