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The 5 Benefits of taking up Extra Locum Shifts

Jun 16, 2020.

Locum medical professionals are a critical asset to the UK’s healthcare service – covering last-minute gaps in patient care and providing vital additional resources in times of exceptional healthcare demand. If being a locum is something that you’ve considered, here are the top 5 benefits of taking locum shifts.

What is a Locum Doctor?

A locum is a healthcare professional that’s under temporary contract of employment. Locums fulfil a vital role in the UK’s health services; from covering last-minute rostering gaps as a result of sickness, or stepping in to cover long-term absences, such as maternity leave.

What are the requirements to work as a locum doctor?

As a locum doctor, you’ll still need to be fully qualified as a doctor and have full GMC Registration. To obtain locum work, the most popular option is to use an experienced medical recruitment agency, i.e. ID Medical, as they can source jobs on your behalf.

To ensure your registration process smoothly, we suggest obtaining the following credentials for when you are ready to register:

  • A copy of your medical degree and completion of training as proof of your qualification
  • A copy of your medical indemnity certificate
  • Your GMC Registration number and certification details
  • Proof of identity (passport/driving licence)
  • A medical CV
  • Employment References
  • DBS Check
Reasons to take up additional locum shifts:
1. A Fantastic Way to Supplement your Income

One of the primary reasons why medical professionals work locum shifts is to supplement their income. By picking up extra shifts in the evening or weekends it is a fast and easy way to learn extra money to pay off student loans, Royal College exam fees or long-term financial goals.

If you’re interested in finding out how much a locum doctor gets paid, click here.

2. Opportunity to Experience Different Medical Disciplines & Environments

Another primary reason to seek locum work is for the opportunity to experience different medical disciplines. This is especially common if you’re a junior doctor unsure of what area of medicine you want to specialise in. For example, you can work your fixed-term post within the day in General Medicine and then on the weekends you can try Emergency Medicine.

Similarly, if you are a more senior doctor you might consider locum work to explore alternative avenues within medicine if you’re craving something different.

3. Less administration, more patient time

Another part of taking up extra locum work is the ability to practice ‘pure medicine’ without having to worry about paperwork or other administrative duties.

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4. Flexibility

If you’re a medical professional who is under part-time employment, using locum shifts to supplement your needs is perfect as it will provide you with the opportunity to find time for other interests and passions.

5. No hassle searching process

When you secure your locum shifts with a recruitment agency, you take the stress away from the job search process.

When you work with ID Medical, you will be assigned a dedicated Recruitment Consultant that will search daily for opportunities that will be tailored to your needs, make the most of your skills, knowledge and experience.

Looking to try locum work? Talk to us!

We’re one of the most respected and trusted medical recruitment agencies in the UK and have helped thousands of medical professionals find permanent and locum postings across the UK. The benefits of working with ID Medical are:

  • We work with over 90% of NHS Trusts
  • We are an accredited NHS Framework Supplier
  • We have over 4,000 active fixed-term and locum jobs available
  • You will receive ongoing career support and CPD points that can be claimed against your appraisal

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