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Meeting the Covid 19 Threat Head On

Mar 27, 2020.

The Covid 19 pandemic is placing an unprecedented strain on businesses, people and communities alike.  As a market leader in medical staffing and a key contributor to the UK’s health and social care supply chain, we have had to rapidly evolve to continue supporting and meeting the demands of the NHS across all of our workforce solutions.

Over the past week, ID Medical has successfully deployed more than 90% of our workforce remotely, ensuring teams have full access to the tools and equipment required to provide NHS trusts and frontline healthcare workers with the same level of service they have come to expect. This seamless migration means that NHS trusts have access to the extra support they need, at a time when they most need it, whilst keeping our staff safe.
Our customer service teams and recruitment consultants remain fully operational to support you, and are available to resolve any questions or concerns you have. This excludes on-site visits, road team visits and blood tests, a precaution taken to help prevent the spread of the virus.
Our main office, located in Milton Keynes, remains open to a limited number of key staff members, with screening and social distancing protocols in place to ensure non-remote operations may continue.
Remote operations are being conducted in a GDPR-compliant, contained manner, with sensitive data safely stored on ID Medical systems and accessed remotely using industry-standard security. This is a continuation of our well-established, industry-leading data handling which ensures the safety of our valued clients’ and candidates’ personal information.
As a supplier to more than 90% of NHS trusts under multiple government frameworks, and with Master Vendor status at some trusts, the ID Medical staff have key worker status, allowing them to continue their great work in providing doctors and nurses to the NHS through this critical period.
To reinforce our commitment in supporting the NHS by remaining fully operational remotely, ID Medical is giving open access to the Clarity Workforce Solutions platform to all NHS trusts for 6 months; giving employers access to an instant, national staff bank, enabling them to easily request and obtain the most vital support they need during the Covid 19 pandemic.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have regarding our response to Covid 19.
Stay safe, and protect the NHS.

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