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We’re a 1st Tier Agency Supporting NHS Bank Staffing Services!

Jun 3, 2014.

ID Medical, the UK’s leading multi-discipline healthcare recruiter, announces its new Master Vendor appointment to supply NHS bank staffing services and high quality community and mental health nurses – as well as non-clinical staff – to Solent NHS Trust, spanning its 100+ sites. The agreement will run for 3 years, with a potential 2 year extension period.


After a thorough review of its current staffing systems, Solent NHS Trust has set up in-house NHS bank staffing with ID Medical providing its efficiency driven Managed Service supplying clinical and non-clinical temporary workers.

ID Medical will utilise its world class resource stream methodology, ID Clarity, to supplement the Trust’s workforce with its extensive candidate talent pool. This means the healthcare recruiter will work alongside tiered agency suppliers during the life cycle of the Master Vendor contract when the internal bank service is unable to resource. This collaborative approach ensures the Trust is professionally staffed at all times to the required levels, and that patient care and safety is never compromised.

Solent NHS Trust currently uses a hybrid system for booking temporary staff which needed to be streamlined and ID Clarity, its intuitive software portal, will be actioned to ensure better controls of Trust-wide booking of temporary staff.

Key roles ID Medical is recruiting to fill are mental health and community nurses, clinical support workers, nurse specialists, team leaders, midwives and nursery nurses – though other requirements outside of these categories may be included in the partnership.

Deenu Patel, managing director at ID Medical said, “We are proud to announce our Master Vendor staffing partnership with Solent NHS Trust; the key objective being to reinforce and streamline its internal bank staffing management service.

“Solent NHS Trust is looking to improve its on-going financial position and we are confident that our proven methodologies in cost efficiency sustainability will go a long way to achieving this.

“Above all, quality of patient care comes first and ID Medical will ensure that all staff employed from across the community and mental health specialties live and breathe the Trust’s core values.”


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