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NHS relocation packages & how to successfully secure one

NHS relocation packages & how to successfully secure one

Dec 10, 2020.

International healthcare professionals make up a large part of the NHS – as a token of gratitude for relocating to the UK and joining the UK’s healthcare system, some trusts offer relocation packages to support the move. However, NHS relocation packages can often be quite confusing with plenty of questions around the subject… so that we’re here to answer!

What is an NHS relocation package?

The primary purpose of an NHS relocation package is to support international candidates meet the financial demands of relocating to the UK for a successful settlement into their new NHS role.

Am I guaranteed a relocation package?

Unfortunately, not everyone is guaranteed an NHS relocation package.

Each individual NHS trust has its’ own unique relocation policy and eligibility criteria. The factors that determine whether you’ll receive a relocation policy include: your employment type, employment duration and if the NHS trust in question has enough of a budget to offer a package.

However, if you would like a relocation package it’s important to highlight this with your Recruitment Consultant from the outset and they can work hard to try and secure you one.

What’s included in an NHS relocation package?

NHS relocation packages completely differ depending on what trust you secure your NHS post with.

However, below are the types of expenses they could potentially cover:

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It’s important to note that if you’re offered a relocation package, the money is likely to only cover expenses-related to you and not your entire family.

Remember to keep your receipts!

Any cost that was agreed to be paid by the NHS trust, that’s not paid for directly by them – requires you to keep the receipt as evidence of your purchase.  You must have original receipts and invoices (not photocopies) or you may not be reimbursed.

If you’re unsure about whether you’re entitled to a relocation package, the best place to start would be to talk to your dedicated Recruitment Consultant and if you didn’t use a medical recruitment agency to secure your role, contact your HR department.

Don’t limit yourself

It’s important to note that if you’re only considering roles that offer relocation packages, it’s important to identify prior to the interview whether this is something the trust has the ability to offer. Otherwise, when it comes to post-interview stage and you’ve been successful, both parties will be upset.

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